Tips To Improve Your Work-life Balance

In order to achieve a good work-life balance, it’s important to set clear boundaries between work and home. This can be done pretty simply following some of these tips.

1. Begin by changing out of your work clothes when you get home. It’s great to set clear boundaries between work and your personal life and take a moment to leave work behind.

2. To help prevent the temptation to get back into work mode, switch off your work phone. We’re all prone to checking and replying to a few emails or being interrupted by a work call which might seem insignificant but, can take your mind away from the present and leave you feeling stressed and concerned with issues that can be better dealt with when you’re back at work.

3. Sometimes it can be easy to feel like we should be ticking off our to-do list from morning until night. But if we live our lives like this, we’re constantly depleting our energy. Even taking five minutes to sit and breathe a few times a day can help us to recharge and feel more in balance.

4. Though part-time work can fit well with family life, you need to manage the work so it doesn’t effectively become a full-time job at lower pay. It’s important to agree on clear boundaries with your manager, particularly around availability outside of work hours. It can also help to add your working days to your email signature, so external contacts don’t expect a quick reply.

5. For some, working from home can mean a better work-life balance. If you work at home you cut down the commute time, can easily do nursery pick-ups and can fit in a load of washing between client calls. However, on the flip side, many home workers miss the social side of the office. You spend a lot of time at home with your family and it can feel isolating if your work is also home-based. You can find more useful tips in this article from the Guardian.

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