Can fewer hours at work actually increase productivity?

Over the last few months we have covered the benefits of flexible working, looking at how it works for freelancers, working parents, or people who run their own businesses. We were happy to to hear from Cafe Quill over in the U.S. this week, whose research suggests that a shorter working week really is good for both employees and productivity.

You may be interested in this notion if you’ve ever been asked to do more work with less time, due to increased deadlines, perhaps less staff, and tighter budgets. But can you truly get more done with less time? It turns out, that lots and lots of hours don’t equal lots and lots of work being done. What all those extra hours do is lead to risks of medical conditions such as heart disease and depression. It has been found in the U.S. that almost half of the population is working over 10 hours a day, at great cost to themselves; the problem is worse in most of the major metropolitan areas such as New York City and we’d imagine that London is very similar. The detrimental effects of long work weeks mean that it’s important to consider the value of a shorter work week – healthier, more productive employees, a better social life, among the many benefits.

The infographic from Quill shows how reducing the working day can impact your health, happiness and productivity.

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