Another Number will help you to separate work from personal communications

Tired of carrying a second phone for work?

Using your personal number for work calls?

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Take control of work calls and messages.

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  • Love it


    A really useful service, I used to have to carry two phones around with me now just the one. The voicemail to text is nifty too, brilliant. Just received the update about landlines now being included in the price which is extra brilliant.

  • Great app


    Extremely handy for separating people who I don't want contacting me on my personal number... keep up the good work guys!

  • Best on the market


    I use it everyday as I do many professional phone calls. I finally can separate my personal and professional life using one phone!

  • Really useful


    Great for separating my work and private calls and being able to switch off my work number when I'm with family is ideal.

  • Brilliant


    Just what I've been waiting for. A second number that's actually useful. I can put this on do not disturb so work calls don't come through when I'm not working and work contacts never know my real number. So simple to set up and use.

    Hirsute Harry
    Hirsute Harry
  • Much needed app


    what a fantastic app! i am notorious for never switching off from work for fear of missing out on an important email/call but i decided that needs to stop. this app ensures i keep my free time to myself but all prospects up to date on when to expect a reply! i also no longer need to drag 2 mobile phones everywhere!

  • Unbelievable


    Thanks to the new update I now get unlimited calls and data! Thank you. Get app. Saves me having two phones and I just switch the app off at weekends.

  • Great app for business owners looking for balance


    Very handy for me as a business owner who finds the lines between work and play! Great for using to forward on office numbers when not around either! Handy multi voicemail function. Great for people like me, who don't want 2 phones or all work and personal calls that can't be discerned?

    Biggus Riccus
    Biggus Riccus
  • Incredibly useful


    Great app that’s helped me with my small business - as per the description, I’m the person who thought about two phones as the public were calling me all hours of the day and night. Whilst I can’t complain about that from a business perspective, I needed to separate the two worlds and this app worked perfectly. Thank you !!

  • Exactly what I needed


    So happy for this app. I was in the trap of having mingled my work and personal phone. Each call was a coin toss on which side of my life it might relate to, which caused me to filter by voicemails and then deal with the hassle of calling selected few back. I was literally creating more work for myself... Glad to be able to finally know the difference with carrying two phones. Being a bloke, pocket space is limited with the cultural luxury of being able to carry a handbag. And the best part - I can switch off the business calls at night without needing to do the same for personal ones!


Why do I need Another Number?

You don’t want to carry a second mobile phone for work because it’s cumbersome and inconvenient.

You’re using your personal number to make and receive work calls.

You ‘d like to easily identify work calls and are unable to separate them from your personal calls.

Work calls and messages interrupt time with family and friends so you don’t have a work-life balance.

Being constantly connected is draining and you find it hard to “switch off”.

You’re concerned about the environment and know that having two phones is a waste of resources.

Another Number app on an iPhone showing the conversation view
A close up of a voicemail transcription in Another Number app on an iPhone

A second number on your current smartphone & network

No second SIM, contract or phone

A calendar

Monthly subscription with no annual contract

A transmitter

Reliable service uses the mobile network and WiFi/4G/3G …..

Voicemail icon to represent visual voicemail

Record custom greetings for your voicemail and create auto-replies for text messages

A white heart

Free calls and messages between Another Numbers

Pencil icon to represent voicemail transcriptions

Read your voicemail with our automated transcription

Two white arrows facing different directions

You take control of when you’re contacted for work with our virtual switchboard

SIM card icon

Port your work number from your second phone into Another Number

Choose the right plan for you…

Another Number

£14.99 monthly

Another Number Lite

£4.99 monthly

Your second mobile number
Includes all calls and messages to standard UK mobiles and landlines

Credits for calling and sending messages to non-subscribers can be purchased
from the In-App store – buy as much or as little as you need.

60 credits  – £2.99
130 credits – £5.99
200 credits – £8.99
400 credits – £14.99

A credit will give you one minute of calling to a standard UK mobile or one standard text message (160 characters).

Free calls and messages between Another Number subscribers
Calls use your mobile network
VoIP calling enabled, using mobile internet (4G/3G & WiFi)
Your voicemails will be automatically transcribed and conveniently displayed in the app using the technology of our sister app, HulloMail


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